Yes, I waited a few years before digesting this film. I’d heard it was violent and stayed away primarily for that reason. When I went to see the first Christian Bale/Batman film, I swore I’d stop watching gratuitously violent films. Of course there was nothing gratuitous about Munich, but I didn’t realize that at the time. I craved seeing what Tony Kushner did with the script and sure enough the pacing and dialogue had his name all over it…. heady, intelligent, introspective. I’m not a huge Spielberg fan so I can’t really say what about this film screamed Spielberg. I did watch his DVD intro to the film. Apparently he took lots of heat for the film being anti-Israel? I thought it was anti-violence, anti-“an eye for an eye” if anything. But I didn’t particularly find it anti-Israel. I thought it was  more about misguided reactions which could be said of any nation. In the end, I thought everyone did a fantastic job. The pacing was brilliant (not easy for a 3 hour epic).  It had Kushner’s signature on it more than Spielberg… I read more Angels than Schindler’s in it. The cast was excellent and international:  Eric Bana (Australia), Geoffrey Rush (U.K.), Mathieu Kasovitz (France), and sadly one of my favorites Moritz Bleibtreau (Germany) had a very small role (one scene, waaah!). It made me want to write a screenplay, an ensemble piece which would attract all my favorite international actors. It also felt a bit off-balance as most films do with no primary female characters. Since Spielberg said it wasn’t a documentary but a dramatization, I would have inserted more primary female characters. Even the Golda Meir character was barely on the screen more than Moritz Bleibtreau. Still I loved it and know it will haunt me for the next few days/weeks (a sure sign of a great film).


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