Hollywood, je t’aime

I’m on a winning streak with gay indy films right now.  I don’t want it to end.  Hollywood, je t’aime is a wonderful movie filled with sincerity, warmth, passion and style.  The actors (all unknown to me) were natural and perfect in their roles.  Wait, not all were unknowns…  Chad Allen had a supporting role.  He did a great job.  The story was simple, but it is often the simple story that does so well when the writing, directing, acting, editing, and cinematography all of it comes together.  A beautiful film.  I am in love with the French actor, Eric Debets who played the lead role of Jerome.  So sexy.  So real.   So attainable.  This film: je t’aime.

16 August 2010:  Watched this a second time tonight and I was  captured by its warmth, passion and subtlety.  Plus there’s a Christmas-time element and who doesn’t love a non-traditional Christmas tale.  Once again, Je t’aime!

17 December 2015: Caught this gem again for the holiday season this year. Hollywood, je t’aime really puts an indie spin on the Christmas season. Love, love, love it.


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