United States of Tara: S1

The first season of United States of Tara goes by way too quickly.  The half hour segments seem almost hurried.  Has there been a half hour drama in recent years?  I love Toni Colette.  Not a big fan of John Corbett but he does a fine job as the understanding husband and father.  The teenage kids are both stand-out actors and have great story lines.   And the sister is delicious as well-played effortlessly by Rosemarie DeWitt.  Highlights for me include the casual no big deal over Marshall’s coming out as gay.  I cried at several moments between parent and child and even his fucked up older sister gives some great advice.  This is an excellent show.  Is there going to be a Season 2?

5/25/12:  Watched this again, it holds up beautifully.  Only 3 seasons of this brilliant hybrid comedy-drama.  Toni Colette is genius.


One Response to “United States of Tara: S1”

  1. penni4urthoughts Says:

    Just finished disc 1 last night. There are very few television shows that I would say are “very good”. This is one of them; just after Six Feet Under.


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