The Wire: S5

A masterpiece.  What else can I say about this amazing television series.  It stands tall next to Six Feet Under.  I think of them both as the best American television has ever produced.  I’d marry Lester, be best friends with Kima, fuck Stringer, Herc and Dozerman, have dinner with Daniels and Pearlman, praise Bubbles, and take Omar’s Renaldo when he gets tired of him.  Ay Papi indeed.

5/10/15: The final season of David Simon’s masterpiece focuses on the decline of the newspapers. The Wire tackles plagiarism as metaphor for the lazy and corrupt nature of the entire city. So many favorites die before the final episode. Just as many survive and a few even thrive. Fascinating watching this in the aftermath of the 2015 Baltimore tragedies. The cell phones may look dated but the content remains as topical today as when it premiered over ten years ago. Perennial favorites include Omar, Bubs, Bunk, but this time around I grew to love and respect Prop Joe. Never tire of watching this landmark television series. 5 out of 5.


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