Save Me

I finally got up the courage to watch the Chad Allen/Robert Gant/Judith Light produced film about a pair of men who fall in love at a christian ex-gay center.  I shudder every time I even think of people putting themselves through this misery.  But I wanted to watch what they did with this story and so Save Me finally made its way to the top of my queue at Netflix.  I have to say I was struck by its subtly.  I was expecting to hate parts of the film simply because of its subject matter, but I actually loved it.  There was a point in the film where I realized so much of what this is about, whether its ex-gay hoaxes or people believing in a powerful and vengeful god is infantilism.  Suddenly it was so clear to me that these grown men were being treated like children, which of course is not the way grown men should be treated.  But it is one way of controlling people which is what the far right of all major religions attempt to do.  What this film didn’t do was hit me over the head with a message or be too preachy.  One reviewer online claimed they didn’t drive home the fact of how damaging this is to gay men.  On the contrary I thought they succeeded in doing that just not by shouting about it.  A character tries to kill himself, all of them are awkward, lost souls.  But there is an elegance about this story that caught me off-guard.  They told their story, which ended by the way in a perfect way with grace and dignity.  I loved it and highly recommend this wonderful film.


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