True Blood: S2

This post should really be titled, “Where the hell have you been?” Well, to be honest, I took some vacation time, visited some friends and family and then somehow got sucked into three different television series simultaneously. I kept bouncing back and forth between the three and none of them turned out to be stinkers, so I couldn’t report on any until I finished the entire season of at least one. Special thanks to my friend Grace for loaning me Season 2 of this wonderful series. It’s crazy, it’s kookie, and it’s full of heart. I think that’s why I love it so. It’s like Dark Shadows all grown up, all sexed up.  So much happened this season, I don’t even know where to begin. I loved Godric, loved the evolving Eric, LOVED the Jessica and Hoyt story, loved Eggs (is that actor really human? How can anyone look that perfect), continued loving Tara and my boy, Lafayette. But Jason’s storyline  surprised me the most. It was full of some of the best humor of the season and also highlighted the ridiculousness of religious extremism. No one can play that dumb without being a really smart actor. Best line  of the season… Lafayette (to Tara’s mother): “Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time.” Lots of great naked male actor scenes and Alan Ball’s signature genius.  This show is a keeper.

4/26/12:  This show is major comfort food for me. Watching it a second time is such a treat. I did love Lafayette’s line (above), but I also loved the Queen of Louisiana when she said, “I haven’t enjoyed sex with men since the Eisenhower era.” So many laugh out loud moments this season. And the Hoyt and Jessica romance makes me all gooey inside. Perfect unwind from a long day kind of viewing.

9/12/16: Yes, I watched True Blood: Season 2 for a third time. Late night before bed wind down time – an episode a night. So much fun. Really have a soft spot in my heart for this Alan Ball show. Love seeing Steve Newlin again. Can’t wait until he turns bad. Sookie really gets put through her paces this season. I also love seeing Arlene and Terry’s relationship slowly move from the background. Marianne is such a smart spoof of spiritual teachers gone ego-insane. The writers of this show truly are genius. Special bow to Charlaine Harris for the novel series.


2 Responses to “True Blood: S2”

  1. Neil Says:

    we just started watching last night! episode 1!! what is UP with the PIG woman!!! makin’ me crazy waiting to find out… 😉


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