True Blood: S3

Based on the Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, Six Feet Under‘s Alan Ball has made them all his own via HBO. A watered down version of this on network television would be pathetic.  Go HBO and Showtime for giving adults what we want. Season 3 explodes with delicious insanity. There’s no other way to describe what goes on in Bon Temps. It’s utter insanity and I love it. I know I just recently described how Season 2 of a television series really sets the standard, but something happened in Season 3 for True Blood. It bumped up about 100 notches into a whole other sphere of crazy. There are so many new characters introduced this season, so many new plots lines  and so many gay story lines I was in gay-themed, intelligent, vampire television series heaven. And considering the Sookie/Bill/Eric/Alcide? quadrangle, it’s not just about gay storylines. There are mountains of different stories to keep every one of us gleeful. But wait, it’s not just about vampires and humans any longer. There are shape shifters, werewolves, were-other animals and a surprise hybrid creature introduced in the final few episodes. Lovely, dark, wicked, violent and sexy as all hell, Ball takes his 6FU aesthetic and twists it into this supernatural genre. My favorite characters and stories are almost too exhausting to list, but here goes:  Lafayette and Jesus are the ultimate couple, Jessica and Hoyt are so sweet, Joe Manganiello’s naked run hands the Eggs hot body crown to his character, Alcide, Eric’s coupling with Talbot, Talbot’s wonderful presence, Arlene and Terry’s imminent bundle of joy, Eric’s history, Pam’s sweet side, Crystal’s appearance in Jason’s life, Tommy’s appearance in Sam’s life, Tommy’s sex scenes, Russell Edgington’s complete insanity, Cooter’s brief, but frequently naked turn, Godric’s appearance from the other side, Tara and Franklin’s hot sex scenes that turn dark, and the queen, Alfre Woodard as Lafayette’s mother, Ruby Jean Reynolds. I know I’m leaving things out. Did I mention Joe Manganiello’s body? His Alcide puts this show on a whole other level for eye candy. What more is there to say? This is must-see, risk-taking, sexy hot cauldron of fun. Season 4 begins on HBO in two weeks. Oh the anticipation of another full year for the DVDs. Do I even need to say a 5 out of 5?

Special thanks to my dear friend Grace for loaning me her DVDs a full month before they are available via Netflix. If I ever have anything to say about it, Eric is yours!

5/10/12: Another great season to watch again (and again someday!). This show holds up beautifully and makes me laugh every time I watch it. I forgot to mention Hoyt’s mother in the first go-around. What a crazy mess she is. Sam’s meltdown, Russell carrying the glass urn of Talbot goo. It just keeps going on and on.  Crazy sexy blood.

10/14/16: Love, love, love this late night comfort food bite fest!


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