The Big C: S1

Holy hell, how many times am I going to gush over yet another television series?  Well, deal with it, because here I go again.  Laura Linney’s new series about a woman facing cancer is brilliant.  The NY Times did an article awhile back on how all the really great writers in this country are working for television.  HBO and Linney’s Showtime are both at the top of their game along with a handful of other shows on cable channels and yes, even a few network shows are doing some interesting things.  The Big C tackles a not so long ago forbidden topic with intelligence and wit straddling the line between comedy and drama and doing all of this in a half hour format.  Pretty amazing.  Linney is amazing as always playing Cathy, the 42 year-old teacher, wife, and mother who has stage 4 Melanoma.  She’s one of my favorite actresses.  The supporting cast (Oliver Platt, Gabriel Basso, John Benjamin Hickey, Reid Scott) and guest stars (Cynthia Nixon, Brian Cox, Gabourey Sidibe, Idris Elba) are all first rate.  This is a show taking risks, not afraid to expose the messy side of life in all its complexities.  A 5 out of 5 for this brand-new entry.


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