Queer as Folk: S4

Spoiler alert: the penultimate season of the American version of Queer as Folk continues to tackle the most contemporary subjects in the LGBT community. It’s 2004 and our cast of brave characters embrace another pregnancy in the lesbian household, testicular cancer, fighting gay bashers, gift givers and bug chasers, crystal meth rehab, straight HIV+ teenagers dating, marriage equality in Toronto, closeted sports heroes, lesbians cheating on their partners with a man, AIDS charity bike rides, long-term relationships ending, and sleeping with closeted Hollywood stars. There’s a great scene where the team is in Toronto for the beginning of the Toronto/Pittsburgh AIDS ride. Everyone keeps saying how much Toronto looks like Pittsburgh. The inside joke is that the series was filmed in Toronto, so it actually IS the same place. Story highlights from this season:  Brian faces financial problems, Ted enters rehab for crystal meth abuse, Michael and Hunter go on the run from the courts, Michael and Emmett go to a Radical Faerie gathering where Emmett meets the spirit of Harry Hay, Justin joins a gay patrol group and discovers his suppressed anger, Vic says a sudden goodbye, Emmett and Debbie become roommates, Michael and Justin get a call from Hollywood about making Rage into a movie, Ben struggles finding a publisher for his novel, Hunter comes out as straight and struggles with dating as a HIV positive teen, Debbie and Michael both get marriage proposals, and Brian deals with cancer. As strong as ever, this season really focuses on the party being over and everyone growing up in lots of different ways. Comfort food, a modern classic and a risk taker all rolled into one. Still lots of yummy, sexy naked male bodies and unapologetic gay and lesbian sex scenes. Already have Disk 1 of S5 queued up. It’s official, I’m a QAF junkie. I really do need to buy this series before it’s out of print.

5/25/2018: Love, love, love Queer as Folk. The only weak spot for me this season is Lindsey having sex with Sam. It simply didn’t feel authentic. For more on this, read a great unpacking of the episode Carrie Nelson wrote in 2014 for Bitch Media. She discusses among other things, the avoidance of a bisexual identity. For me, the characters and the passion simply didn’t ring true. Otherwise, the season is perfect and chock full of some of the most memorable moments in the series (see original review above). Continued love for this beautiful series. 5 out of 5. Btw, I do own all five seasons on DVD just in case it ever leaves streaming.

One Response to “Queer as Folk: S4”

  1. Mark Says:

    You make me want to watch it all over again! I loved it.


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