The Flying Nun: S1

A trip down memory lane. One of my favorite childhood television shows. Sally Field got her start in Gidget, then transitioned to The Flying Nun, and 50 years later is still going strong in movies and television. What a glorious career! The Flying Nun is as sweet as I remembered. The religious aspects were there, but nothing hitting you over the head. Of course they were nuns, but it was more about the fun of Sister Bertrille’s aviation abilities and the help she would offer others in each episode. Watching the first few shows was enough to bring back that sweet memory. It’s not like Bewitched or The Partridge Family where I could easily (and have) watch the entire series over and over again. I was reminded in the first episode of the singing which took place frequently on the show. I had The Flying Nun album and damn if my mother didn’t get rid of it when I went off to college. I’d love to have that framed for my kitchen kitsch now. Oh well. Lots of great location shots. But was it really Puerto Rico or perhaps some resort town in California? Alejandro Rey as Carlos Ramirez was my first Latin crush. And Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto ended up on Will & Grace decades later. What a fun ride… errr flight! I give this a 3.5.

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