True Blood: S4

It’s the season of bathrobes for the men of True Blood. Nearly everyone walks around in an extended scene wearing only a bathrobe at some point during S4.  There are more creatures in this season than ever before. The cast keeps growing and growing. Humans, vampires, werewolves, shifters, were-panthers, faeries, witches… what am I missing? Another stellar season. This one really builds on the momentum created in S3.

Highlights include: Eric softening, Pam’s snarky remarks, Jessica straying, Hoyt turning hottie, Jason being violated a dozen times, Marnie’s appearance, Tara’s sapphic side, Alcide’s naked body, Lafayette and Jesus traveling to Mexico, Sookie’s interest in Eric, Arlene and Terry’s devil baby, Sam and Tommy covering up some murders, Sam’s new shifter friends, the Coven’s appearance, Sookie and Eric’s lovemaking, Alcide’s beauty, Lafayette’s true nature, and Marnie’s power.

Episode 7 was over the top with insane excitement. Marnie summoned the vampires to walk into the sun. Jessica and Jason’s sex dreams, and Pam’s crazy-ass comments. Episode 9 had me in awe of Alcide’s completely naked body and then in what seemed to be the next moment, I wept over Mavis as she left Lafayette’s body, finally at peace. I was shocked (in a good way) over Sookie’s dream of having both Eric and Bill. Go girl! The only thing that would have made that fantasy better is if Alcide showed up. Episode 10: I cried over Tommy’s departure, I worried about Jesus going in to see Marnie, and never imagined everyone vanishing. I loved Terry’s intervention with Andy. Episode 10 was insane. It was the showdown between Marnie and the Vamps. Pam had the 2 best lines of the season. One I don’t think I can repeat because if it doesn’t come out of a woman’s mouth, it’s can be misconstrued as misogynistic (hint it has to do with Sookie’s vagina and her sun dress). The second one she uttered right before killing a female vampire under Marnie’s spell, “Vintage Cartier… I’ll take very good care of this.” Alcide and Sam confront the creepy Pack Leader who ordered Tommy killed. Alcide renounces Debbie, Sookie’s powers even amaze her. Jesus’s powers amaze Lafayette. Eric and Bill offer their lives up for Sookie. What else crazy shit happened in this episode? The season finale was part resolution, part quiet time for couples, part saying good-bye to beloved characters. Why Jesus? And then the final moments produced another holy fuck!  Tara? What an amazing show.

The season finale of True Blood: Season 4 boasts a perfect Halloween episode as it takes place on Samhain and references Halloween throughout the hour. Season 4 marked the first time I felt a bit weighed down by some of the new characters. Marnie in particularly got on my nerves. The final episode breaks my heart, but then I remembered what fun we have in store during Season 5 with the return of Russell Edgington and a newly minted Vampire Steve Newlin. Just love the humor of this show. So much fun to watch late night before bed. Silly, sweet, sexy, and scary. Alcide makes me think, well let’s just say I could be a very happy man with him at my side.


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