Downton Abbey: S2

Julian Fellowes’ (Gosford Park) stories are effortlessly enjoyable.  His writing flows so beautifully.  It’s as if you’re in the middle of the scene and everything’s going on around you.  Not sure where to look next.  Even the mundane is fascinating.  Downton Abbey Series 2 was worth the wait.  It not only holds up, it’s just as good as the first season.  What a treat to revisit all of the wonderful characters from this perfect British Costume Drama.

Favorite moments from S2:  Anna and Bates love affair which makes me cry every time they have a scene together, Mary and Matthew’s longing, Edith and her farmer, Sybil and her chauffeur, Thomas’s promotion, Lang’s PTSD,  the transformation of Downton into a hospital, the wounded at Downton, Daisy and William’s brief time together, Matthew’s return, Mary’s engagement, Bates’s wife, Thomas’s misfortune, Ethel’s dilemma, Lavinia’s departure, Bates’s trial, Matthew and Mary’s dance, Sybil’s decision, Bates and Anna’s nuptials, and of course Violet’s bitchy comments.  Maggie Smith makes me laugh out loud nearly every time she speaks.

Fascinating how the class system delicately disintegrates with the awakening of the lower class during the war.  This is the most romantic season of Downton yet.   The relationships between Sybil and Branson, Anna and Mr. Bates, and Matthew and Mary are some of the sweetest love stories ever told on television.  I only hope Thomas reforms and gets to experience love next season.  Series 2 includes the lovely Christmas episode.  Two of my favorite things in the world, Costume Dramas and Christmas.  A rare treat to have an outstanding television series from this genre.  5 out of 5.  Comfort Food at its finest.

3/7/14: I have to agree with my original assessment of Downton Abbey Series 2. What a treat. A perfect blend of excellent writing and beautiful costume drama. The detail in each scene is stunning in Blu-ray. Bravo to Julian Fellowes and company.

5/23/15: Downton Abbey is my comfort food on steroids. Love the period drama drama. Love the sets, costumes. Love the script and the fight between tradition and modernism. Love Downton Abbey.


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