Game of Thrones: S1

Finally caught up with HBO’s fantasy series, Game of Thrones.  Have only heard great things about this series from many people and media sources. It’s very well done. Fantastic costumes, CGI, cinematography, acting, editing. Has a real epic feel to it. I watched 2 1/2 episodes and by the middle of the second episode realized I just wasn’t feeling it. The stories aren’t grabbing me. Other than a very young female character who wants to be a swordsmen, the women’s roles are relegated to care-taker, queen, mother, or whore. Most of the men are full of bravado. Peter Dinklage is a great actor, but I’m having trouble with his highlights and new haircut. It just doesn’t fit the setting in my opinion. I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one. I didn’t hate it. I’ll give it a 3. But I didn’t love it and frankly there’s 8 other seasons of television waiting for me, so I have to be at least a tad particular about what I watch with a queue that long. Btw, that queue has been around since November. Many of those shows (Homeland, and new seasons of The Big C, The Good Wife, Treme, The Walking Dead, etc. have yet to come out on DVD). A week from Friday I’ll start watching Boardwalk Empire thanks to my niece Lauren’s loan of her DVDs. Thanks Lauren! Meanwhile I’ll try to get through a few more films this week and fall back on more True Blood (S2). I’ll leave the Thrones to others who are loving it. Enjoy.


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