Treme: S2

Truly outstanding, completely underrated television series Treme keeps getting better and better. How is it possible that a show created by David Simon (The Wire) gets no buzz? Whatever, it’s a sleeper hit in my book. This season, it’s 14 months after Katrina’s hit. Everyone’s experiencing some form of PTSD and they’re melting and unraveling in most interesting ways. There’s more jazz, but also lots of funk and R&B thanks to new bands formed by Davis and Antoine Baptiste. Food is still a big storyline as is corruption and crime. A huge ensemble cast includes outstanding actors, Wendell Pierce, Melissa Leo, Khandi Alexander, Kim Dickens, Steve Zahn, Clarke Peters, Lucia Micarelli, and David Morse. I rated S1 a 4.5.  I’m going to upgrade this quiet storm to a 5. It’s just that good.

3/23/2017: Such a treat to revisit my Treme friends. And what a surprise to find now Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) working for Toni. Lots of great music. Intersections of characters. Simply lovely.


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