True Blood: S5

Season Five of our favorite vampire television series gets kookier and darker than the four before dared. Let’s get right to the highlights, shall we:  Tara turning, Eric and his sister Nora, Eric’s new body, Pam’s hysterical one-liners (“I am wearing a Walmart sweat suit for y’all.  If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is.”), Reverend Steve Newlin’s new-found identity, Pam’s past as a madam, Steve Newlin’s dance entrance into Jessica’s party (one of my favorite scenes ever!), Chris Meloni as the Guardian, the whole Lilith/Vampire Bible story line, Russell Edgington’s return!, Salome’s entrance, Hoyt’s new glam eyeliner fuck boy look, Pam’s softening to Tara, Tara’s first feed, Pam and Eric’s separation, things finally getting really scary in Ep. 5 when Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Alcide hunt Russell Edgington, Tara and Jessica’s friendship, Russell and Steve’s budding romance (perfection!), Alcide’s amazingly insane sex scene, Tara’s transformation into Vampire Goddess, Sookie’s faerie magic, Bill’s conversion, Eric’s dilemma, Lafayette channeling Whoopie in Ghost, Sookie and Jason’s search for their parents’ killers, Hoyt’s goodbye, Sam and Luna’s efforts to rescue Emma from Rev. Steve.  Steve and Russell’s slow dancing to Katy Perry in a room full of dead frat boys, The Authority’s not-so-veiled analogy to the Christian Right movement, and of course the crazy action-packed season finale where no one is safe from human or the true death!

Pam’s slowly become my favorite character on the show.  I worship every scene she’s in.  Kristin Bauer van Straten gets the best lines, the best outfits and the best posturing of any character in this massive ensemble.  All hail Pam!  Of course Jason’s comic timing continues to be close to genius.  Alcide makes me weak just watching him, much less when he takes his shirt off.  And Russell and Rev. Steve’s hysterical romance proves that even evil vampires and dorky former evangelical preachers turned vampire can have a sweet puppy love.  Outstanding insanity.  What do they have in store for Season 6?  I really hope Pam and Tara become an item.  Fingers crossed!  XOXOXOXO to Alan Ball and company, especially costume designer Audrey Fisher whom I’ve got a one degree of separation with (thanks Mark and Neil!).  A 5 out of 5!

Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam on True Blood.
Entertainment Weekly collector’s edition cover 2012.

12/7/2016: Wow, is this only the second time I’ve watched True Blood: Season 5? It sure is goofy and out there, but it’s still the best paranormal series ever. My favorite scene from the season continues to be Steve and Russell slow dancing to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream in a room full of dead frat boys. And finally, forget Lilith. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort is the true Goddess. All hail Pam! XOXO to this crazy, wonderful series.


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