Family Plot (The Masterpiece Collection)

family plotI watched a second Hitchcock film from the Masterpiece Collection Blu-ray collection. Family Plot was new for me and I’m always up for a crazy Karen Black film. How amazing that Hitchcock cast her in what would be his final film. Family Plot was released in 1976 starring Black, Bruce Dern, William Devane, and Barbara Harris. Aside from Black, everyone’s hair was a disaster at one point or another and even she had to keep donning a really fake looking blond wig which I’m sure was Hitch’s idea given his penchant for blonds. This is con artist suspense film filled with campy scenes and great 1970’s San Francisco exteriors. This isn’t Hitchcock’s finest moment, but it’s a fun ride and if you’re a fan of 70’s B-actors you’re sure to love Family Plot! I’m giving this a 4 out of 5 since it’s part of the collection.  It’s probably closer to a 3.5, but c’mon it’s Hitchcock!


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