True Blood: S6

true blood s6

 To paraphrase, Bette Davis, “what a mess!” Alan Ball left Bon Temps last year and boy has that been felt on True Blood. Season 6 of one of my favorite shows lacked the focus and intellect of previous seasons. The story lines were drawn out, all over the map and just plain dull most of the time. Characters we love didn’t get enough airtime and new characters blurred together so much I kept saying, “who is that again” when one of them shared a scene with a vet. I didn’t care about Terry’s death, I didn’t care about Andy having four daughters who were half fey. I didn’t care about the wolves and their drama, and I really didn’t care about Sam’s story line and new love. I have to rank this in the same disappointing category as  Mad Men. It’s been a boring year for True Blood. The last two episodes sort of redeemed themselves, but the finale was still uneven and the jump six months into the future was the most anti-climactic season ender I’ve witnessed in years. Yawn. And then to rip off The Walking Dead. Yawn again. No spoiler alerts here, but if a certain character really is gone, I’m going to be royally pissed. I’m giving S6 a 3 out of 5. Vampire show, heal thyself.

12/23/2016: I realize Season 6 of True Blood got sloppy. But watching it a second time, it’s just good fun. Certainly not nearly as strong as previous seasons, but there are some moments. I think a 3 out of 5 is a good rating for this less than stellar but not awful penultimate season.


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