Pitch Perfect

pitch perfectTake a pinch of Bridesmaids, a pound of Glee and two grotesque vomit scenes and you’ve got perfect pitch, I mean Pitch Perfect. Or Hollywood meets A capella.   Definitely not a bad film, Pitch Perfect is simply formulaic. If you like Glee, you’re sure to love the next generation of singers in school – the college years. Starring Anna Kendrick as the dark-haired alt girl and featuring Brittany Snow as the supportive auburn-haired best friend, Anna Camp as the blond Nazi (True Blood), and Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. I’m not making this up. Only Camp feels too old for her part. She was perfect in True Blood as Sarah Newlin. If you drink the Kool-Aid, it’s because you love these kinds of performances. I personally love watching Glee even when it gets on my nerves which is frequently. And I liked the ending of Pitch Perfect because it brought together all those exciting performance elements. This is not a perfect Hollywood movie. It’s lackluster in parts, but it’s a decent diversion from real life and the singing is great. I like nerds and these guys work it well. A 3 out of 5 for the singers of Pitch Perfect.


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