Enlightened: S2

“Am I am agent of change or a creator of chaos? Am I the fool, the goat, the witch or am I enlightened?”

Don’t start watching the second season of Mike White and Laura Dern’s outstanding half-hour television series Enlightened unless you’re prepared to power watch all eight episodes in a row. I casually decided to start watching and just couldn’t stop. This short-lived two season series is a little piece of heaven. Perfect from the moment it begins until the very last shot. If I was a little hesitant giving Enlightened a perfect 5 out of 5 for Season 1, that got blown away watching Season 2. This is the series every person should watch who longs for their life to mean something, longs to have what Dern’s character Amy calls “a bigger life.” The show is primarily Dern’s tour de force, but the scenes with Mike White’s Tyler are achingly beautiful. You can’t help but fall in love with Tyler’s gentle soul. I’ll close with the final quote from this magnificent series. So looking forward to more projects from White and Dern. Enlightened is a perfect 5 out of 5.

“There is only one life.  there’s so much I don’t understand, but this I know. You can wake up to your higher self.  You can be patient and you can be kind. You can be wise and whole. You can walk out of hell and into the light. You don’t have to run away from life your whole life. You can really live. And you can change. And you can be an agent of change.”

6/20/2018: Amy Jellicoe is a fucking hero. The second and final season of Enlightened is even more relevant today than when it premiered five years ago. Today we are faced not only with rampant corporate greed, but the person who holds the highest political office in the United States represents all that is wrong with capitalism and humanity. Mike White’s Amy Jellicoe blows the whistle on the company she works for. Five years later these people aren’t even trying to hide their despicable behavior. Trump and most of the Republican party has enabled every rich asshole to think their wealth is a birthright. Well they are wrong. Best thing about living during this dark chapter in American history is the inevitability that We the People will continue to rise up and wake up and take back what is ours. Enlightened‘s Amy Jellicoe is our hero. She is flawed, damaged, misguided, superficial, and on the right side of history. Amy teaches us that you don’t have to be perfect. You simply have live your life with good intentions. Do the right thing. If your parents didn’t teach you that, there’s plenty of us who can help. The sign of a great television series is when it moves you to think about your own life and the greater world around you. Thank you Mike White and Laura Dern for the gift of Enlightened. 5 out of 5.

enlightened s2

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