Rosemary’s Baby (Blu-ray)

rosemary's babyRoman Polanski’s adaptation of Ira Levin’s novel Rosemary’s Baby continues to stand the test of time as a true horror classic. Lovers of urban history and architecture will thrill to the street shots of late 60’s New York  and The Dakota interiors where Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse live. This film is the antithesis of ratty, second-rate films such as Nightmare on Elm Street 2 which I tried watching earlier in the evening. Of course you can’t compare 80’s camp with 60’s powerhouse style, but each needs to be at the top of their game. Elm Street falls short, hell falls off the cliff. Rosemary’s Baby explodes like a rocket through the sky. Appropriately it’s a huge full moon tonight, the perfect October evening to conjure up devil babies and manipulative witches and warlocks. A stunning Mia Farrow stars as Rosemary with indie director John Cassavetes as her husband Guy. Cassavetes released Faces the same year Rosemary’s Baby was released: 1968. There’s an easy sexiness between Farrow and Cassavetes. She is the ultimate late 60’s beauty and he is the handsome, slightly brutish, yet polished self-absorbed actor. Their love scenes have an authenticity that’s difficult to create. Farrow’s famous Vidal Sassoon’s pixie cut hair which debuts about a third of the way into the film continues to remind us how daring it is for women to cut their hair short. Perhaps even more so today with the preponderance of ponytails on the basketball courts and in the classroom. You just don’t see many young women with short hair. It’s a bizarre gender conformity that no one’s talking about in the media. I digress.  Polanski’s Baby is a masterpiece of suspense, drama, and eventually horror. Subtle, sophisticated, and stylish I could make a habit of watching Rosemary’s Baby every year in anticipation of Halloween. Even the camp “Hail Satan” chanted in the final scene is some how believable because of the presentation in the film. Bravo to Levin and Polanski for a masterful work and adaptation. 5 out of 5 for Rosemary’s Baby.

10/31/2015: Can’t get enough of Rosemary’s Baby – an ultimate Halloween classic. Ruth Gordon is hysterical as Minnie and Maurice Evans is his usual suave sophistication as Hutch. Bravo to all. A classic.

10/31/2018: I realize Polanski films are not pc and I realize the devil rape scene is twisted even more so with Guy’s admission the morning after, so I’m not sure how much longer Rosemary’s Baby will stand the test of time. But for now, for me, it’s fun and stylish – a rare bird in the horror genre.

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