The Bat

batMy last Halloween posting, a bit after midnight.  One of my favorite b-movies is 1959’s The Bat starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead.  Vincent plays a corrupt small town doctor.  Aggie plays a mystery writer who rents a house in the small town riddled with murders.  The plot doesn’t always make sense, but it’s great seeing Price and Moorehead work their magic in spite of the holes.  There’s a rather obvious lesbian undertone to the plot.  Check out the cover art.  Moorehead’s Cornelia van Gorder and her maid of 20 years Lizzie seem to be awfully close.  Nothing overt, but it’s fun re-imagining this for the 21st Century.  Oh the chaos I could create.  I love The Bat.  It’s silly, old school fun.  3 out of 5.

The Bat is in the public domain.  The Internet Archive has it streaming for free.

10/31/2015: Love this b-movie camp classic. It’s underrated, a sleeper-b shall we say. Agnes rules! Still the champ.


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