Treme: S4

treme s4The final short season of Treme creeps up on you in the subtlest of ways. I had no idea the series was ending. And suddenly the final episode was rolling and then it was over. I should have seen it  coming. It’s 2008 in New Orleans. Barack Obama has just been elected president. There is finally an air of hope in New Orleans for the first time since the levees broke. Many characters move on to other adventures and even to other places to live. Other characters find peace and contentment and even love. One beloved character dies. And through it all, the music plays, the food cooks, the people of the city celebrate and the world keeps on spinning. Treme probably won’t be remembered as viscerally as The Wire, but it’s been a great addition to the canon of outstanding television this country has produced in the past 15 years. David Simon and company should be proud. I’m going to miss the quiet, easy-going nature of Treme and the beauty of New Orleans in song and food. 5 out of 5 for a wonderfully intelligent comfort food kind of show.

4/2/2017: Watching the final season of Treme for the second time was just as satisfying. Such a wonderful cast, compelling stories and through it all the variety of music that keeps the city flowing. A modern television classic.


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