Fargo: S1 E1

fargo s1

So many people love the new television series Fargo. I finally sat down tonight and watched the first episode. Full disclosure, I am actually relieved these days when I watch a new series and don’t like it. I have such a laundry list of shows to keep up with, adding one more seems more like overkill than excitement. I watched the first episode of Fargo and just didn’t get it. I understand it’s about alienation, the decay of morality and the mind numbing of our lives. But I just didn’t find the stories compelling or worth continuing. Billy Bob Thorton’s hair was too distracting. Too much violence and not enough substance. I think shows like Fargo are the hipster version of big Hollywood action films. They are smart but filled with gratuitous violence numbing the mind like any other blockbuster. One might call this Tarantinoism. Yes, I I realize I adore The Walking Dead. But there’s a morality to TWD that I just didn’t connect to in Fargo. I also watched a few more episodes of Season 2 of Rectify and there’s no comparison between these shows. Rectify is hands down the higher quality show. 2 out of 5 for Fargo. Next.

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