True Blood: S7

true blood s7Hanging in there through all seven seasons of True Blood sure has been a roller coaster ride. First I want to say I’ve had more fun watching this show than any other in recent history.  Based on Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, otherwise known as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, if Six Feet Under was a study in intelligent, sophisticated, color within the lines perfection, True Blood set the box of crayons on fire and watched them melt into a beautiful, hideous pile of goo. I think the point of True Blood was to watch how much fun the creators could have drawing out of the lines.  For the first five seasons we had the incomparable Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) at the helm, steering the crazy ship through the storm. Once Ball left after S5, I felt True Blood lost its way. The final season came back to focus on the more beloved characters which I appreciated and even brought back some of my favorites (Steve Newland and Hoyt Fortenberry).  But there were still major issues with distracting plots of characters I didn’t care about. In the end, I think True Blood tried to do too much instead of focusing on a smaller set of characters and their bonds to each other. And if Six Feet Under had the best series finale ending of any show in the history of television, True Blood‘s finale left me thinking WTF? What was the point of showing the future? Did it explain anything or bring the story to a better conclusion?  I don’t think so. So how do I rate this? Because the first five seasons were so much fun and envelope-pushed in such a lovely and diabolical way, I’m giving the series a 4. S7 gets a 3. Happy trails TB, you certainly opened my eyes to what is possible in episodic television.

1/6/16: I really loved revisiting Bon Temps a second time from the first frame to the final moment in the series. True the final two seasons were weaker with the absence of Alan Ball, but this series is still a whole lot of fun no matter what. There are characters I still think about – Lafayette, Pam, Alcide (Grrr), Steve, Jessica, Eric, Tara, and Gran to name a few. The word for True Blood continues to be fun.


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