Netflix Renews (Most) BBC Series, Including ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther’ & ‘The Office’ (Indiewire)

Spooks Series 3

Catch the fantastic David Oyelowo (“Selma”) in his breakout role as Danny during the first three seasons of “MI-5” Ending its run on Netflix in two weeks (1/31/15).

Controversy stirred this week over Netflix dropping some BBC series. Not all is lost. From Indiewire,

Were you freaking out earlier this week when word spread about a number of BBC shows exiting Netflix at the end of the month? Well, you can relax (to some extent). According to the service, the following shows have been renewed and will be available for streaming after January 31:

• Classic Doctor Who; 18 Collections
• Copper, Seasons 1-2
• Doctor Who, Seasons 1-7
• House of Cards Trilogy
• Keeping Up Appearances, Season 1
• Luther, Seasons 1-3
• Monarch of the Glen, Seasons 1-6
• North & South
• The Buccaneers
• The Office (U.K.), Seasons 1-2
• Torchwood, Seasons 1-4
• Wallander, Seasons 1-3

A spokesperson did add, though, that “fans should plan to enjoy before February” the series “Faulty Towers,” “Blackadder,” “MI-5” and “Red Dwarf.” (And you should! All of them are great! At the very least, “Selma” star David Oyelowo is in “MI-5.”) Who knows if they’ll be back anytime soon. The point is, “Doctor Who” is safe. So breathe easy on that score, at least.

So my show MI-5 is gone. Where do you find a ten season show when it gets booted off of a streaming service? This continues to be the problem with companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime – they won’t hold on to everything. So I continue to purchase DVD and Blu-ray because there are some film and television series I want to have access to no matter what’s going on in the streaming world. Of course I realize there’s always been a curatorial aspect to accessing film – video stores fell into two distinct categories – traditional (Blockbuster’s) or funky/edgy (Alternative Videos of Woodstock). If Wolfe and TLAVideo can ever figure out how to affordably strike deals with Roku, I’ll be happy accessing indie gay content from smaller companies. However sustainability of this model depends upon whether these smaller, niche companies can make money playing with the big guys. Time will tell. In the meantime, I’m still buying disks.

Read the full article on Indiewire.


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