Strangers on a Train (Blu-ray)

strangers on a trainFinally have an opportunity to officially review one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films, Strangers on a Train. In 1951, Hitch literally pulled out all the stops for this suspense murder not-so-mystery thrill ride. Strangers is classic Hitchcock at the top of his game. Starring Farley Granger (who I named my dog after), Ruth Roman, and Robert Walker, Strangers begins and ends on a train with stops in-between at a Senator’s Washington, D.C. home, a barely recognizable record store listening booth (this is the 1950’s remember), a small-town carnival, and a Forrest Hills tennis match. Fantastic supporting actors featuring two Bewitched alums, Casey Rogers (Louise Tate) and Marion Lorne (Aunt Clara). Yes, this is one of Hitchcock’s subtle or not-so-subtle depending on who you are gay sub-text films. Guy Haines, a famous tennis player meets Bruno Antony, a deranged Mama’s boy with his heart set on killing his father. Guess who the logical queer is? Still Walker’s Bruno does make a delicious villain with Marion Lorne as his equally insane mother. And who after all, wouldn’t flirt a little with Farley? I’m more fascinated by the Bruno character than horrified. This is the 50’s after all. Strangers also features Hitch’s daughter Patricia Hitchcock in the role of Barbara (Babs), Ruth Roman’s kid sister. Patricia does such a great job, you can’t help but wonder why she didn’t continue acting? Strangers on a Train feeds the right amount of suspense and intrigue with the perfect touch of camp. The culmination scene on the Merry-Go-Round gone wild is signature Hitchcock, sure to give you nightmares of painted horses. 5 out of 5 for this perfect suspense thriller.


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