Gilmore Girls: S2

gilmore girls s2Lots of wedding planning in season 2 of the lovely comfort food, Gilmore Girls. Lorelei plans her wedding to Max, Sookie plans her wedding to Jackson, and in the last episode of the season there’s a possibility Lorelei and Christopher will get back together. Lots of excitement and heartbreak for the girls this season including Rory’s relationship with Dean being tested by the arrival of Luke’s nephew Jess. Richard retires and drives Emily insane – or more insane. Christopher starts dating Sherry, Rory tutors Jess, then crashes the car Dean built for her, Richard starts a new company with Lorelei’s assistance, Lorelei graduates from business school, and Rory visits Jess in New York City. So much fun revisiting Stars Hollow after all these years. So easy turning on an episode in the evening after work to unwind. 4 out of 5 for my beautiful Gilmore Girls.

It was bitter-sweet watching Richard in these episodes with the announcement of the death of actor Edward Hermann.


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