Addams Family Values

addams family valuesRarely do I find smart, sassy, silly films with outstanding casts and genius writing. Not sure why but I never stopped to watch 1993’s Addams Family Values before this week. So glad I saved this one to savor on a cold winter night nearly 20 years after its release. The film has been on my radar for years mainly due to the screenplay written by Paul Rudnick (Jeffrey, Isn’t She Great). There’s no doubt Rudnick’s script combines the perfect intelligent lines wrapped in a creepily funny way. There’s simply too many to name only a few. But that’s just the start of this delightful film. The cast is outrageous including Angelica Huston, Raul Julia (who left us way too soon), Christopher Lloyd, Joan Cusack, and Christine Baranski. But the real star and scene stealer of Addams Family Values is 13 year-old Christina Ricci who plays Wednesday as if she were born for the role. Every lines Rudnick writes that comes out of Ricci’s mouth is crazy insane hysterically good. I can’t remember laughing so much during a movie in a long time. It’s so irreverent, so wink and nod, so horribly, delightfully un-pc. So happy I finally found Addams Family Values. 4.5 out of 5 for this comedic romp.


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