The Slap (Au)

slapSat down this weekend and binge watched the 2011 Australian mini-series, The Slap based on the wonderful 2008 novel by Christos Tsiolkas. Interesting looking at the very mixed reviews of the book on Goodreads.  I loved it and was excited to catch the Australian adaptation currently streaming on Netflix.  NBC is premiering a U.S. version as well. The original Australian version stars Jonathan LaPaglia as Hector, Melissa George as Rosie, Sophie Okonedo as Aisha, Essie Davis as Anouk, Alex Dimitriades as Harry, Marinos, Sophie Lowe as Connie, and Blake Davis as Richie. I enjoyed this complicated look at the current state of parenting and human interaction in general in our modern world. Tsiolkas’s book doesn’t shy away from three-dimensional characters filled with personal demons, unfulfilled lives and ridiculous allegiances. Jonathan LaPaglia (Anthony’s younger brother) is one of the sexiest actors I’ve seen in a very long time. His body is perfect. Pairing him with Sophie Okonedo was excellent casting. Essie Davis plays the tortured Anouk flawlessly and Alex Dimitriades (Head On) plays the disturbing Harry perfectly. Younger actors Sophie Lowe and Blake Davis hold their own and their characters offer hope for a more authentic and honest future. Loved The Slap. 4 out of 5.


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