Downton Abbey: S5

downton abbey s5

Downton Abbey continues to shine in its’ fifth season. Julian Fellowes and company have really hit their stride post-Sybil, post-Matthew. The Downton machine merrily hums along into the 20th Century despite poor old Carson’s confusion and the Earl’s grumpiness. The women continue finding their own voice and their own way. Mary successfully navigates a particularly modern choice in determining who might be right to marry, Edith defies everyone and creates her own family. And Rose finds young love in her own way – elegant, gorgeous and a bit scandalous. Even Cora gets a little attention from an admirer in the form of Richard E. Grant. And just to make sure all generations are covered, Isabel and Violet get some action this season. Down below Daisy finds her intellect, Mrs. Patmore has her heart-broken, and Baxter discovers the power of truth. On the male side of the house, Thomas tries changing his ways to disastrous results, Tom considers a move to Boston, Anthony and Charles continue battling for Mary’s affections, and Spratt reeks havoc on Violet’s house. Of course it’s costume drama soap opera madness. What’s not to love about the high drama, fabulous wardrobe, make-up and sets. There’s even another wedding in the final episode of the season. I could watch this series forever. It’s the ultimate comfort food for a costume drama British television lover like me. 4 out of 5 for the continually delightful Downton Abbey.

8/21/15: I think I’ll upgrade this season to a 5 out of 5. This is comfort food on costume drama steroids. Love, love LOVE Downton Abbey. I could watch it forever. Looking forward to the final season in January. Feeling a little nostalgic already.

6/2017: Continue to find Downton Abbey the delicious comfort food it was destined to be. Season 5 finds the series back in full stride – high drama, luscious costumes and sets, and plenty of plot to go around. I’m hoping the purported film turns out to be a huge success like the series. 5 out of 5 for Julian Fellowes and company.



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