Borgen: S2

borgen s2Season 2 of Borgen proves the Danes know their television. Each episode builds on the previous making this a most exciting season of politics and media. Birgitte Nyborg nears the end of her second year as the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. Highlights include Philip gets a girlfriend, Katrine and Hanne separate from the evil Michael Laugesen, Laura begins having panic attacks, Kaspar reveals his secret to Katrine, Höxenhaven gets blackmailed and chooses to end his life instead of facing his wife and children and telling them the truth about being gay, Birgitte has a one-night stand with her driver Kim, Sejrø suffers a major health crisis, Birgitte visits Afghanistan and Africa, and Birgitte takes a leave in order to focus on Laura’s health. Borgen keeps getting better and better. Hands down my favorite show I’m currently watching. Find it from Netflix on DVD. Must-see. Birgitte Nyborg for Ruler of the Galaxy! 5 out of 5 for the Danish classic television series.


One Response to “Borgen: S2”

  1. Uncle Barb Says:

    Birgitte’s speech to the Chamber to end the final episode of S2 was brilliant. It brought me tears and pride and a sense of righteous well being. I am so in love with PM Nyborg that the soap opera bubbles that spin though the series don’t detract.


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