Muscle Beach Party

muscle beach partySilly, frivolous, and yet the best of the Frankie and Annette beach movies. Muscle Beach Party features some classic bodybuilders from the 1960’s including

Larry Scott, who played Rock, was well-known in the bodybuilding world at the time and became the first Mr. Olympia. Due to his preference for a piece of gym equipment commonly known as the Preacher Bench,[3] the bench also became known as the Scott Curl Bench.[4] Gene Shuey who played Riff, and Chester Yorton who played Hulk, were also well-known in the bodybuilding circuit. Peter Lupus (aka “Rock Stevens“) was also a champion bodybuilder himself, holding the titles of Mr. Indianapolis, Mr. Indiana, Mr. Hercules, and Mr. International Health Physique. (Wikipedia)

Everything about these movies are corny and kooky but also hearken back to a more innocent time before Selma and The Vietnam War. Escapist entertainment at its finest. With more than a healthy dose of homoeroticism both intentional and unintentional, writer/director Bill Asher’s (creator of Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery’s first husband) forges a world far away from most people’s reality. Innocent, wacky, with lots of beautiful bodies. Muscle Beach Party gets a 3 out of 5 for good, clean, camp fun.

muscle beach party bodybuilders

The Musclemen of Muscle Beach Party, 1964.




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