Catching up – Television Series Binging

binge_watching_tv_mainI’ve been catching up on a lot of episodic television lately – been following the amazing Looking religiously each week – it’s even better the second season. Spent this past weekend fighting a flu thing and caught up on The Fosters, Glee, and The Walking Dead. Both Looking and Glee have season and series finales respectively this Sunday evening. The Fosters and The Walking Dead go an additional week before their season finales. I’m four episodes behind on The Good Wife.

Also watching older episodes of Downton Abbey on Blu-ray – major comfort food as well as DVD episodes of Six Feet Under. And then there’s L.A. Law Season 3 and Bewitched Season 2 which have been sitting next to my television far too long. Need to brush those DVDs off and start again.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll pick up again with Recify or Homeland – I’ve missed both of their new seasons this year.

Still need to review Black Mirror.  I want to watch Season 1 again so it’s fresh. Have Season 2 to watch for the first time. I’m looking forward to new seasons from Nurse Jackie and Orange is the New Black this summer.

And of course there is the phenomenal Borgen out of Denmark which I’m getting on DVD through Netflix. The first disk of Season 3 arrives in the mail tomorrow. Lucky me!

What am I missing?  What is your can’t miss, crazy addicted must-see binge show?


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