I’ll Be There – Chic (World Premiere Video)

Chic And Nile Rodgers Perform In London

Nile Rodgers has produced the first Chic album in 23 years and if the first single is any indication of the album’s caliber, Chic is destined to ignite another dance revolution. The video tells the story of a young woman watching old disco clips on the television, listening to old albums, trying on clothes and eventually dressing up and going out to dance live to Nile and the band. Unfortunately the choice of model and her positioning really turned me off. I immediately thought Victoria Secret model writhing on the floor in underwear. Ironically it actually is 22 year-old Karlie Kloss who is considered a supermodel and Victoria Secrets model. There’s nothing wrong with showing pretty, young white girls, but I couldn’t help wondering if there will be a black version of this video or a gay version? Fortunately the song is off the charts amazing, so if you need to, simply close  your eyes and enjoy the perfection that is Chic 2015. Nile posted this about the song on his Facebook page which captures his beautiful soul so perfectly,

Artistically, this is a very accurate depiction of the scene. When I got into disco it was at the height of the women’s lib, gay lib, and black urban professional scene. If you check out what the lyrics of the song are about, it’s about the disco scene, which is what liberated me. I never mean to offend, just want to tell the story. Peace.

For now enjoy the first single, I’ll Be There in all its sequined swirling beauty.


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