Life Itself

life itselfSurprised and moved by the very personal documentary, Life Itself based on Roger Ebert’s memoir. I expected a lot about his work and the film industry and certainly the documentary houses itself within these parameters. But what surprised me was the intimate look at his life through a wider lens and how he faced his final days with grace and an interest in wanting to experience death as part of his life. I remember being annoyed most of the time watching Siskel & Ebert. First the arguing bothered me – a child of Pennsylvania Germans where everything was polite and orderly. Then when I got old enough to develop into a film snob, I felt like they didn’t select the correct films to review. It wasn’t until Ebert’s website became populated with his life’s work that I earned a great respect for the man and his film reviews. If I ever doubted Ebert’s love of indie film, interviews with Errol Morris, Werner Herzog and Ava DuVernay certainly cleared up that question. I can’t say enough about this loving tribute to the man behind nearly 50 years of film criticism. 4 out of 5 for Life Itself.



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