Adam & Steve

adam & steveWriter/Director Craig Chester’s 2006 NYC comedy Adam & Steve combines elements of gross-out comedy and urban Rom-Com with a post-9/11, 30-something, gay male experience. Starring Chester (Swoon, Save Me) and Malcolm Gets (Caroline in the City) as a couple who forgot they met 17 years ago and had the worst one-night stand of their lives, the film features Parker Posey and Chris Kattan as their straight bestie sidekicks. Adam & Steve has some funny moments. The opening flashback sequence is hysterical. There are elements which make me want to love it. However the film in its entirety is uneven. There is a flatness to many scenes that made me want to stop watching. I felt like it didn’t know what kind of film it wanted to be – Rom-Com, Stupid Comedy, Urban Romance. A little of each sprinkled throughout. I made it to the end which was very sweet and loving. E for effort. 3 out of 5. Barely.


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