The Walking Dead: S5

walking dead s5Spoiler Alert: How do I explain my love for The Walking Dead to someone who only sees zombie violence and destruction? Grunts, groans, beheadings, knoshing on human flesh. In the abstract it’s all very gross. And from the very first try, I had trouble stomaching the graphic nature of the show. But eventually I got used to it – I saw the zombies as other and didn’t feel their deaths were the same as humans. Because they aren’t. As a result, the human on human violence became much scarier which ups the ante of the suspense. That coupled with the insane level of outstanding writing makes me come back season after season marveling at the beauty that is The Walking Dead. Season 5 proved a rough journey. We lost so many characters – the worst of which were Beth and Tyrese. I cried like a baby when Tyrese met his fate. To me he was the soul of the show, he was the prophet. He and Beth represented humanity and purity. Love the gated community plot this season and all the new characters including Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) and Aaron – the first gay character. So much suspense, so much humanity. When we strip away civilization, who are we? When we add back a degree of civilization, who are we? Can we ever go back once we’ve lost the old world? Coming off of our One Book One Town author talk tonight with Emily St. John Mandel on her post-apocalyptic novel Station Eleven, The Walking Dead season finale was the perfect cap to the evening. 5 out of 5 for this outstanding hybrid series that continues to awe and inspire.


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