Great Performances – Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert

"Great Performances ā€“ Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert." Credit: Robert Sebree

“Great Performances ā€“ Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert.” Credit: Robert Sebree

Annie Lennox is a gift to the world. Her iconic voice first appeared with Dave Stewart as one half of the Eurythmics in the 1980’s. My favorite album continues to be Savage. Her solo career proved just as strong with Diva becoming the anthem for the 90’s or at least the album most played at dinner parties all over Manhattan and I would imagine the rest of the world. This year Annie released Nostalgia, an album of standards so perfectly chosen. I’ve listened to Nostalgia a few times on Spotify. Then this week I sat down and watched PBS’s Great Performances with Annie and realized it was a live performance that really made this album blossom for me. Mesmerized for an hour I watched the Maestro create her magic. What a glorious world of possibilities we continue to experience when Annie decides to perform her music. Thank you PBS. Thank you Annie. 5 out of 5 for this intimate concert in the East Village’s Orpheum Theater. Simply lovely.

Watch Annie’s concert online:


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