trickLovely to revisit the 1999 gay male Rom-Com Trick from director Jim Fall and writer Jason Schafer. Trick captures a particular moment in time, specifically pre-9/11 NYC. AIDS was becoming more manageable. Not everyone was dying. Young gay men could choose hope over fear for their future and the city was still living in the bubble of safety before the attacks. Christian Campbell and J.P. Pitoc (Claire’s crematory boyfriend Phil from Six Feet Under) spend the entire film desperately trying to find a place to hook-up after picking each other up on the subway. The two are perfectly cast – Campbell is the quintessential fresh-faced boy next door and Pitoc is walking sex cast as the god-like go-go boy. Although the boys begin the evening wanting to just get off, their misadventures in finding a place to get naked force them to discover something more tender going on between them and soon we see the beginning of two people falling in love. Trick features Tori Spelling playing an annoying wannabee actress best friend to Campbell’s Gabriel. Steve Hayes (Tired Old Queen at the Movies) plays a friend of Gabriel’s who gets to make out with Pitoc’s Mark to make his ex-boyfriend jealous. After 15 years Trick holds up perfectly. It’s the definition of an indie film – small budget, location shooting, strong casting and script. So happy I revisited this beautiful falling in love film. 5 out of 5 for Trick.

J.P. Pitoc in all his luscious glory playing Mark in Trick. 1999.

J.P. Pitoc in all his luscious glory playing Mark in Trick. 1999.

Check out Steve Hayes’ Tired Old Queen at the Movies review of the classic gay male Rom-Com Trick:


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