revolutionWatched the first episode of Revolution, a 2012 NBC series available streaming on Netflix. High production values don’t really help this boring story of a world which lost electricity 15 years ago and sunk into anarchy. Too many of these Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic plots follow a dull, formulaic Feudalism or Western genre. There’s nothing particularly new or unique to this series. 2 out of 5. Next.


2 Responses to “Revolution”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    I totally agree with you, Philip. I like the genre but, honestly, did anyone ever make it to
    episode 2? Surely there’s a class out there on “How to hide the formula so you won’t lose your audience in the first episode!” You were generous with your rating.


    • reelcharlie Says:

      Priscilla, I learn so much watching all these shows/films. The trick is finding the spark within you and holding on to that through the project. Not an easy thing to do.


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