Chad Allen leaves show business (Towleroad)

chad allenAn interesting story from Towleroad on Chad Allen (Dr. Quinn, Donald Strachey Mysteries, Save Me), I can’t help but wonder if it’s not financially motivated. Just recently I’ve noticed even extremely successful writers (David Levithan, Emily St. John Mandel) continue to have to work either part or full-time jobs in order to maintain some semblance of a life (health insurance, paying rent/mortgage). So it was sad but not surprising to hear Chad Allen’s announcement that he’s leaving acting completely. From Towleroad,

I like to think of my work as an actor and my work in psychology as being kind of similar. They’re both human behavior. One’s an artistic perspective and this one a scientific.”

Added Allen: “I plan on being much less public, finishing my doctorate in clinical psychology, writing, working in private practice and maybe teaching some. And getting to finally try living somewhere besides New York and LA! obviously I’ve been tied to those because of the business.”

I loved Chad in Save Me which was produced by him as well as Robert Gant (Queer as Folk) and Judith Light (Transparent). I also loved the four Donald Strachey Mysteries HereTV! produced over the years starring Chad. Oh and he was so great as the poz stoner in Hollywood, Je t’aime. Chad always struck me as a conscious actor and human being. I wish him well on the next chapter of his life’s journey.

Read the full article on Towleroad.
Watch Chad’s farewell on YouTube.



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