Gilmore Girls: S3

gilmore girls s3Do I continue watching the Gilmore Girls in order to hide out from actually moving forward in my life? Do I waste too much time watching television shows I’ve seen before? Should I save these questions for my therapist and get on with the review? You bet so here goes. The third season of the beloved comfort food Gilmore Girls finds our mother daughter Loreleis gliding to the end of Rory’s childhood. Senior year at Chilton is a piece of cake compared to Rory’s love life. A break-up with Dean, a romance with Jess. Nothing’s easy for this perfect child who needs to focus on the ultimate choice by season’s end – Harvard or Yale? Lorelei’s world isn’t any simpler. Christopher’s girlfriend gets pregnant, Max moves back to Connecticut and Luke starts dating a lawyer. Through it all remains the snappy banter, Kirk’s numerous jobs, Emily and Richard’s perfect world, and the love between a mother and daughter that defined a generation. Can’t help but love this comfort food fest no matter the reason. 4 out of 5 for season 3 of my girls, the Gilmores.


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