In Praise of DVD and Blu-ray: The Benefits of Ownership (Wolfe Video)

I’ve been saying this often, I love my physical product. I predict Blu-ray will become like vinyl – a collectible product created in small batches for the discerning consumer who likes to own something they can hold in their hand. Also when you own a film on DVD or Blu-ray there’s no worry about whether it’s been deleted from your favorite streaming service, or if it ever got added in the first place. Smaller films in particular are always a no-brainer to add to my disk collection. From Wolfe Video,

There’s no better time than now to own the movies you love on DVD and Blu-ray. Probably you’ve noticed that not all films are available on streaming and download. You may have also noticed that even when they are, they often become unavailable over the course of time. The one way you can ensure always being able to access the films you love is by owning them on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out the latest releases below and then click-through to shop from our full selection — and enjoy the benefits of ownership!

Looking forward to getting my copy of Eytan Fox’s Cupcakes from Wolfe next month.




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