Remembering Elizabeth Montgomery: 9 Queerest Moments of Bewitched (HuffPost)

Today marks the 20th anniversary of untimely death of Elizabeth Montgomery at 62 years old. I was in the middle of my own father’s terminal illness 20 years ago. I remember seeing the People Magazine with Liz’s obit on the cover. Her talent made my childhood sing. She was effervescent, intelligent, sexy, and filled with warmth and love. Bewitched continues to be one of the best shows of its era. Lizzie’s TV movies were top rate including the classic, The Legend of Lizzie Borden. I had no idea that Bewitched would become a primer for my future gay life. In honor of today, HuffPost created the 9 Queerest Moments from Bewitched. From the terrific article by Taylor Miller at Huffpost,

Earlier this television season, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the premiere of ABC’s 60s/70s supernatural smash sitcom, Bewitched. As we close the parenthesis on this jubilee ofBewitched’s freshman season, we also observe a much more solemn anniversary:

Today marks 20 years since Elizabeth “Lizzie” Montgomery (Samantha Stephens) died. To honor her, I talked to a “coven” of experts on her legacy and the impact she and Bewitched had on the LGBTQ communities. I supplement these experts’ research with some of my own from inside Agnes Moorehead’s (Endora, Samantha’s mother) personal archive.

To preface, let me say that this is a selfish endeavor. I, like so many other young queer kids, found resonance in Samantha Stephens as well as her powerful, flamboyant, and ball-busting mom, Endora. Before I could even grasp the notion of a deviant sexuality or gender performance, something about dissolving myself into Samantha’s colorful world — with its unending parade of queer magical beings — made me covet her life beyond the broom closet.

Read the entire article and find out the 9 queerest moments on Bewitched.
Relive a bit of Lizzie’s beauty in the photograph below:

elizabeth montgomery


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