cupcakesCupcakes, Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox’s latest releases on DVD and streaming this week. You won’t find any tragic love stories in this bubblegum fluff. Instead Fox focuses his eye on the world’s obsession with musical contests specifically Universong. Six neighbors – five women and one gay man record an impromptu song which ends up being selected as Israel’s entry in Universong. The kids go from having a sweet, unassuming song written for their friend to an over the top camp performance thanks to the team assigned to them for the contest. The six of them represent different facets of life. One woman is an overachiever who doesn’t appreciate her husband, another is a former beauty queen trying to figure out what she wants, another a rising lesbian indie star, another a nerdy blogger with a lisp and the gay guy is secretly dating a Hummus family corporation spokesperson. Silliness ensues throughout as you can imagine. The color and cinematography are gorgeous. Unfortunately the pacing is more in line with a drama. I found myself weaving in and out of  the story until the very end where everything is wrapped up neat and perfect. I love Fox’s canon of work and respect him greatly as a filmmaker. He has taken risks throughout his career that have paid off. Cupcakes is a simple, easy to swallow postcard of happiness. It’s good, it’s just not Priscilla great. 3 out 5.


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