Gilmore Girls: S5

gilmore girls s5Something happens during Season 5 of the Gilmore Girls – the stars in Stars Hollow align and what has always been fun fun fun comfort food television becomes compellingly integrated meaningful television. The writers strike the perfect balance between Yale and Stars Hollow during Rory’s sophomore year. Everyone’s preassigned roles begin blurring just enough to make life interesting. Rory’s affair with Dean ends and she flees to Europe with a newly single Emily, Luke leaves Stars Hollow to help his sister for two months, Rory and Lorelei reconcile, Luke and Lorelei finally go out on a date, Jackson becomes Town Selectman, Norman Mailer makes a cameo appearance where Sookie announces she is pregnant for the second time, Rory meets Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife), Christopher meddles in Lorelei’s life managing to alienate Lorelei and Rory, Emily goes on a date, after meddling in Lorelei’s life one too many times, Emily meddles one more time in order to get Luke to reconcile with Lorelei which miraculously works, Rory tries dating, Logan’s family hates Rory, Rory gets an internship at a newspaper in Stamford, Lane worries about the band, Sookie gives birth, Rory makes a ton of huge mistakes and goes to Richard for help, and after seeing her parents take over Rory’s care, Lorelei creates the season’s cliff hanger by impulsively asking Luke to marry her. Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But seriously this season was so much tighter than the last, I breezed through it faster while it held my attention stronger. 4 out of 5 for Season 5 of my girls.


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