Before You Know It

before  you know itThe first documentary for Pride month comes from Netflix streaming. Before You Know It follows several gay men over 60 as they navigate life beyond middle age. The film follows Dennis who lives in a very small town in Florida and travels to Portland, OR in hopes of one day moving into gay senior housing, Ty who lives in Harlem, works for SAGE, and experiences marriage equality in NY State, and Robert who owns a bar in Galveston, TX. Robert does drag and Dennis wants to cross dress in his regular life, so there is not only sexuality, but a strong element of gender identity as well. Before You Know It is a stark examination of differences in many older gay men’s lives mainly due to income inequality. Ty doesn’t seem to struggle, but the other two each have their own financial issues which compound growing older in the LGBT community. Before You Know It clocks in at close to two hours long and is in dire need of a haircut. The transitions between the stories felt awkward. But most of the stories felt compelling and I’m happy to have spent time with these men. Robert’s story got overshadowed by other people speaking for him. Ty and Dennis’s stories were particularly poignant. Hard to believe how quickly life goes by. May we all find community, passion, purpose, contentment, and security as we grow older. 3. 5 out of 5 for Before You Know It.


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