Cuatro lunas (4 Moons)

4 moonsWhat a great surprise discovering the Mexican film, Quatro lunas (4 Moons) streaming on Netflix. From the description, I thought this would be four short films and indeed there are four independent stories. However filmmaker Sergio Tovar Velarde weaves in and out of each instead of presenting them separately. And it works. There are no connections between the stories except each is about a relationship between two or more men. The clinical term MSM (men who have sex with men) comes to mind because not every character in the film is an out gay man. There are two young teenagers experimenting for the very first time, an elderly man who becomes obsessed with a gay for pay hustler, two childhood friends who meet again in college and discover an attraction to each other and a long-term couple together ten years whose relationship becomes restless for one of the men. Each story is captivating, well-acted with great direction and cinematography. I was thrilled to see this innovative Mexican film about the many aspects of attraction between men. 4 moons out of 5 for Quatro lunas.


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