Beautiful Thing

beautiful thingHettie Macdonald’s 1996 adaptation of Jonathan Harvey’s stage play, Beautiful Thing continues its reign as the best gay male coming out film ever. Harvey penned the screenplay which along with an outstanding cast make Beautiful Thing a perennial favorite on many best gay film lists. Glenn Berry and Scott Neal star as Jamie and Ste, high schoolers living in dreary counsel flats outside of London. Tameka Empson co-stars as Mama Cass loving Leah – who creates the soundtrack for the film – all Mamas and Papas and Cass Elliot music. Ben Daniels also stars as stoner boyfriend Tony to Jamie’s Mom Sandra played brilliantly by Linda Henry. Truly the excellence of Beautiful Thing stems from the collaborative effort of everyone involved. There’s not a lag in the script, nor is there a misstep from any of the cast. It’s simple and sweet and perfect and for 90 minutes makes you forget all that is wrong in the world. Two boys fall innocently in love affecting everyone around them in positive ways. I love Beautiful Thing so much I have the poster of this image framed and hung in my bedroom. Sweet, intelligent, heartfelt movies don’t come along every day. 5 out of 5 for this modern-day classic.


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