Tru Love

tru loveDecided to start the weekend off with a brand-new film for me. I also wanted something upbeat, so I chose the 2013 lesbian rom-com, Tru Love. More rom-dram, than rom-com, Tru Love tells the story of hard-to-commit Alice who helps out a busy friend Suzanne when her mother Alice comes to visit. Suzanne recently lost her Dad and has buried her grief in work. Alice comes to the city to check up on her daughter. With Suzanne preoccupied, Alice and Tru begin seeing each other and sparks fly. Tru Love is a solid film with the added twists of a sexy older woman in the mix and fluid sexuality explored by two of the characters. Only Tru identifies as a lesbian. Tru Love was a perfect Friday night feel-good film. My only complaint is that it veered too much into sappy melodrama at several critical junctures and in the final moments wrapped everything up in too perfect of a bow. The cast blended well, the story felt familiar and comforting. Looking forward to more work from writer/directors Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald who stars as Tru. 3.5 out of 5.


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